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London Kitchen

London Residence Plated Over Brass Kitchen Cabinets… CAD designed, crated and shipped to the UK for installation… A perfect fit!

Room Partitions

Using surface mount barn door slider systems, we created bathroom enclosures, in low-iron Starphire acid etch privacy glass. The high quality top suspension roller mechanism is a premium feather light sliding operation, complete with bathroom locks

Wine Cellar I

Sealed wine cellar doors are a specialty for us.  This client wanted an extra wide glass door with a precise arch.  To achieve this, we bent the channel using wax filled and heat formed metal to ensure the walls wouldn’t collapse and distort the metal surfaces.

Wine Cellar II

Many wine collectors want their expansive collection under lock and key.  We provide many options – including the bottom lock shown here, handle lock sets, thumb print locks and even optical security locks.

Wine Cellar III

Very large wine vault doors, both in height and width, are available with hydraulic closers that control close speed and hold open access for entertaining.  This client also wanted glass shelving to enhance the visibility of their collection.

Cellar Door

We had a client request period specific hardware for a wine cellar door, so we used aged brass strap hinges and ring latch pulls to achieve the desired look.

Imagery On Glass

Mr. ShowerDoor can place high-resolution images directly onto the glass of your enclosure. Images can range from simple monograms to privacy bands around your shower or water closet to elaborate photographic images of a family pet or vacation…the creative possibilities are virtually endless!

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