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Bulb Gasket Double T (Fin) Gasket 1/16" Foam Miter Tape Polycarbonate Jamb for 180° Glass (Hard Leg) Polycarbonate Jamb for 180° Glass (Hard Leg) L-Angle Jamb Seal Gasket

Sleeve Over Seal with Angled Edge Seal T-Gasket V-Gasket

Double T (Fin) Gasket

Part No.: MSDDTG
Clear flexible double squeegees are applied to the vertical edge of door
on either the hinge or handle side to close gaps up to 1/4".
Sold in 96" lengths. Customer cuts to length.
Also available with ready to peel double-sided tape pre-applied. Click the option button below.

Add Pre-Applied Tape

Price $13.35 per length
Applicable State and Local Taxes as well as Standard UPS Shipping Charges Apply.


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