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Aluminum Bottom Sweep for 3/8" Glass Aluminum Bottom Sweep for 1/2" Glass 1/4" Aluminum Sweep with Deflector 3/8" Aluminum Sweep with Deflector 1/2" Aluminum Sweep with Deflector Curb Dam

Aluminum Bottom Sweep for 3/8 Inch Glass-- Brushed Nickel Finish

Part No.: MSD11BN38
Brushed nickel finished part caulked onto bottom of door glass- accepts replaceable "T" gasket vinyl sweep into bottom groove.
Sold in 32" lengths. Customer must cut to size and file sharp ends. Caulk and "T" gasket not included.
Color may vary from photo shown. If other than brushed nickel, specify color below.

Chrome Brass Oil Rubbed Bronze

Price $12.60 per length
Applicable State and Local Taxes as well as Standard UPS Shipping Charges Apply.


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